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We like our books to be doors to other worlds. We like it when they launch us to the landscapes of new ideas and visions. We want our books to be beacons in darkness, mental explosions and letters from the future. We want them to bring us peace of mind and we swallow their every word as if they were magic pills. We adore it when a book feels like unconditional love and a dream which you never want to leave. We like it when clarity replaces chaos and a book presents a journey to the truth. Don’t you love it when a book answers all your questions and feels like a heart-felt gift? We like our books to be journeys. Let’s enjoy them together!

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real strenght comes from deep inner peace

Thich Nhat Hanh



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to listen to the silence wherever you are,
is an easy and direct way of becoming present

Eckhart Tolle


Dan Brule raamatu "Lihtsalt hinga" esitlus

02. augustil kell 15
Viru Keskuse Rahva Raamatus
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Kauplus MUUSA suvepuhkusel

Kauplus Muusa on suvepuhkusel 22. juunist 13. augustini

Ilmus Eesti esimene lapsesaamise soovi ning kunstliku viljastamise mõjusid käsitlev raamat "Tule meie juurde"

Anni ja Tomi Rahula isiklik ja avameelne raamat “Tule meie juurde” räägib nende keerulisest teekonnast lapsesaamise nimel


is almost here!

It´s about a time to grab a pen or keyboard and write down your best story because the deadline of Estonia´s biggest literature competition BESTSELLER 2017 is about to end.

Write down your story and send it to us before the 1st of June, 2017.

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