Midagi Hingele

Maling, Jaana


Midagi hingele

Maling, Jaana

Jaana Maling is a copywriter, writer and author. Before becoming a writer, Jaana worked for many years as the head of the purchasing department in a large Estonian company and took part in the management’s work. Jaana’s writing skills were discovered by accident. She delved into marketing and psychology books, read blogs by notable copywriters and took training courses. After finding her calling as a writer, Jaana quit her job and has since been writing texts for companies operating in various fields. She has written texts on a wide range of topics, starting with paper bags, handmade chocolate, online workouts and ending with ventilation equipment, real estate and arboriculture. As Jaana loves to tell stories, she is very excited about writing biographies – every person has a story to tell, it just has to be told in an interesting way.

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