Midagi Hingele

Viidas, Simone, Prii Ingel


Midagi hingele

Viidas, Simone, Prii Ingel

Simone Viidas and Ingel Prii are personal trainers, peer counsellors and entrepreneurs. They also enjoy good food and meditating deeply on life. While Simone and Ingel have been following a healthy lifestyle both in terms of exercise and nutrition for their whole life, they have also struggled with eating disorders and self-love. Simone is currently studying marketing at the Tallinn School of Economics. Ingel has received a degree in Health, Nutrition and Exercise Science from a university in England and has studied holistic therapy at the Holistic Institute. Ingel feels that self-development is the best gift a person can give themselves. In recent years, major positive changes have been taking place in Ingel’s life as she has learned to get along with herself better and accept and appreciate life more.

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