To buy from Pilgrim´s webstore is really easy.


1. Choose a book

2. Pay using the Internet bank

3. The book will be delivered to you by mail, courier or will be sent to your closest parcel machine!

Everybody can buy Pilgrim’s books on the Internet. There is no specific need to log in. If you are interested in buying books at a special price as well as in other offers for frequent customers you have a nice possibility to join the Frequent Customer Club. The order will be confirmed and dealt with after the transfer of your payment. Ordered books will reach you in 10 days. The mail delivery fee of 4.50 EUR( delivery to parcel machine) or 5.50 EUR (by carrier) will be added to the order.

How to buy?

1. Find a book you are interested in by browsing through the theme pages or using the search engine at the top of the page.

2. Click on the “Add” button next to the book. Make sure that the amount of books in your shopping cart is right.  After that you will see the contents of your shopping cart – the ordered books, their amount and prices will be displayed. Please note that book price includes VAT 9 %, mail delivery fee includes VAT 20 %. NB! In order to get the reduced price for the frequent customer you will have to log in! (see Frequent Customer Registrartion).

3. While adding products to your shopping cart, find a new book and click the button „Add”. You may check the contents of the cart in real time by clicking on the link “In your cart” in the left column.

4. If you wish to make an order, click on “Prepare the order”.

5. Fill in the fields for the order. Fields, the filling in of which is compulsory for making the order are in bold.

6. If you wish to obtain a bill for the order, please tick the relevant box. Enter the name of the company/private person and the address for the bill.

7. Next choose in which bank you wish to pay for the order (Swedbank; SEB; Danske Bank).

8. Click on “Forward the order”, which will take you to the login page of the relevant bank.

9. Make the transfer and your order has been accepted! After the payment you will immediately receive the confirmation of the order.

How will the books reach you?

The ordered books will reach you during 10 days. The delivery cost is 4.50 EUR or 5.50 EUR. If it appears that the publishing house Pilgrim will not be able to deliver the ordered book we will contact you and inform you about the unavailability of the book. You will be offered a possibility to choose another book instead of the ordered one or we will return your money. Our customer service will contact you also in case the fulfilling of the order is delayed.


In case the purchased book turns out to be damaged we will exchange it during three months at the availability of a bill. If the ordered title has been sold out by that time we will return your money. The delivery costs of the exchanged books will be covered by the publishing house Pilgrim.