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Exercises to Calm the Mind and Improve Focus in Children

Exercises to Calm the Mind and Improve Focus in Children Monika Allert

Ideas for parents and teachers

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“Calm, be calm!” This legendary expression of Karlsson-on-the-roof has probably been used by every parent and teacher.
Exercises to Calm the Mind and Improve Focus in Children was created with the goal of teaching children how to stay calm and cope with their emotions in today’s fast-paced life. The book contains creative, playful ideas and exercises that help to find balance between the body and the mind and teach children how to focus, notice things around them and listen to their heart. It also includes many different activities that help to create a calm and friendly atmosphere at home, at kindergarten or in the classroom.

The aim of the book is to teach every child how to help themselves as well as acknowledge and value their uniqueness and worth – with the help of their parents or teacher, of course. The practical exercises can be used every day and help calm the mind and soul in just a few minutes.

Life around us invites us to turn our attention outwards, to consume, to hurry. This noise makes it more difficult to turn your attention inwards and get to know yourself. Meanwhile, self-awareness and self-control are the most necessary skills to successfully navigate the modern world.

It is possible to learn self-related skills. However, most adults today have not learned these skills, but have acquired them the hard way through life experience. This is why it is especially important to start introducing these skills to children from an early age. How to cope with difficult emotions and thoughts? How to be attentive and caring? How to stay calm? The book offers a variety of exciting exercises to do with children that help them get to know and better control themselves.

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