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Married with Diabetes

Married with Diabetes


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In Married with Diabetes, doctor Adik Levin shares his long experience as a diabetic. 21 years of living with the disease have urged him to accept new challenges to achieve the best results for himself. It is an honest and personal story, but also a human, educational and encouraging book for both diabetics and their loved ones. However, this educational and thought-provoking book is a great read for people who value their health and themselves. 

“A reader might expect to read a book from Doctor Levin, but they are wrong. Instead, the book focuses on the daily activities of patient Adik who is trying to keep his blood sugar at a level that would ensure a long and healthy life. Adik Levin is passionate for innovation. He is seeking his own path. He will not settle for a poor outcome. If there are no good suggestions or all the suggestions have already been exhausted, Levin uses experimental practices to fill in the gaps of his treatment regimen. Every patient’s disease and treatment is individual. Counsellors tend to be more motivated to help patients who truly wish to keep their diabetes under better control. When it comes to diabetes, the author does not share any definitive advice but acknowledges its challenges and encourages others diabetics. Every diabetic needs encouragement to charge their batteries.” 

– Jaanus Kerge, endocrinologist and Adik Levin’s physician

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