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E-book: The Hidden Secrets of Love

E-book: The Hidden Secrets of Love Tiina Tiitus

What is love? Is love eternal?

What is love? Would you like to live happily ever after with your partner? Does love last forever? This book may change your understanding of love. You will learn why relationships don’t work out and how the beliefs we are taught about love, power, submission and coping with life have been deeply rooted for hundreds of generations. You may realise that the ideas you have found self-explanatory were not actually your own. All of our sufferings begin in childhood and arise from the relationship we have with our parents. Our parents, however, have acquired them from their parents and passed them on to their children. These painful patterns are most painfully obvious in our romantic relationships. If you can identify and change these patterns, you can avoid passing on any of your sufferings to your children. This book will give you tips on how to manifest everything you wish for into your life, how to recognise the real world and the false narratives in your head and how to know which choices will serve you. You will find out if your current relationship has a chance of lasting.

Tiina Tiitus is an acclaimed personal development counsellor, relationship counsellor and lecturer. In her second book, Tiitus has an honest and open discussion about the difficult experiences of previous generations that still affect our relationships today. Her unique approach to traditional husband-wife and parent-child relationships challenges the concepts of right/wrong and good/bad.

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