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Divorce Heidit Kaio


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Divorce reflects the wise thoughts of a mature woman, inspired by her love for life and herself. It is a story about how to forgive yourself and your partner. How to forgive life for sending challenges your way. The story describes the journey of rising above the pain and letting go of a dysfunctional relationship.

Divorce can best be described through famous lines by Doris Kareva: “I will not hold you down. I will hold you.”

The message of this book is that it is not important to avoid falling down, but to learn how to get back up again. The most important of all is to take care of yourself, but also your ex-partner and children. Divorce does not necessarily mean the relationship failed. It can be seen as the end of one stage of life. Everything in this world ends eventually. The end should not define the life that was before it.

Family therapists say that if you want to grow as a person, you should get married. If you want to grow even more, you should break up. I would hand this book to anyone going through a breakup to give them hope – life is possible after a breakup, the emptiness and pain will subside. 

Katrin Saali Saul, family therapist and holistic therapist

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