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The Touch of Life

The Touch of Life Mirjam Hakkaja, Kristina Paškevicius, Katrin Saali Saul

A loving, sexual and magical woman

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The aim of this beautifully designed, diverse book is to support and inspire women to blossom and discover themselves as well as to encourage them to age with dignity and to take care of themselves in a gentle, healthy way. However, it is also an interesting read for men who respect and care for women and have a deeper interest in discovering the mystery of the feminine world.
The book includes a wide range of interesting topics for all readers, such as Ayurvedic advice, recipes and tips, healing intimate massage techniques, dance journeys, lyrical reflections and couples therapy. This special book is a great gift for women of all ages regardless of whether she is your romantic partner, mother, grandmother, sister or friend.

It is a valuable gift that adds value to both the giver and the receiver of the book.

– Ursula Zimmermann, compiler of The Touch of Life


Dear Woman
May this book encourage and carry you on your journey as well as provide you with a sense of adventure and discovery.
May this book hold your hand when you need courage.
May this book deepen your curiosity as well as the laughter lines around your eyes.
You’re the one holding the cards because you are a Woman, the goddess of intuition. Only you know what’s best for you.
Create the most beautiful life for yourself!

Dear Man
May this book help you to understand your Woman better without having to lose yourself.
A woman is an endless creation. Every small attempt to capture the mystery of the Woman makes you a greater master and a better husband.
Thank you for respecting and caring about us.

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