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Sobriety Kaja Heinsalu, Neeme Raud

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The author of the book and experienced addiction counsellor Kaja Heinsalu has an in-depth discussion on addiction with journalist and co-author Neeme Raud.
As both Kaja and Neeme have personally experienced addiction, they know which questions to ask and how to answer them. They understand how an addict thinks and feels and know how to help them.
Sobriety is not a tragic adventure story about the “heroics” and the anguish of drunk, high or hungover people,
nor is it sobriety propaganda or a self-help book. It does not proclaim that the life of an addict is not fun – it can be very fun sometimes!
This book is a great read for everyone who uses alcohol and drugs as a way to cope with life and enjoy the pleasure and euphoria they get from it, but understands they should use substances less often.

However, Sobriety is mainly aimed at people who no longer feel pleasure from using strong substances but do not know how to quit, even if they understand that the only way to start enjoying and living life in the midst of depression, shame and loneliness is to stop using.

How do you make your addiction visible to yourself? How do you deal with slip-ups and relapses? Why are addicts so good at hiding and lying? How do you deal with anger, loneliness, codependency and the social pressure to drink or use? Why should a recovering addict initially stay away from intense romantic relationships? Why should an addict overcome their fear of opening up at group meetings in front of people with similar problems? Why do we say only the best is good enough for an addict?

Sobriety is a conversation between two people who have once struggled with addiction – addiction counsellor Kaja Heinsalu and journalist Neeme Raud. These serious conversations allow the reader to face their own problems and take the first steps towards healing. The book also includes discussions with psychiatrist Kaiti Redlich who has worked with addicts for many years and the co-addiction counsellor and family therapist Katrin Hallik.

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