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Girl, You Are Beautiful

Girl, You Are Beautiful Agnes Kajander

Tips and suggestions from an older friend

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Beauty standards have never been raised to such unattainable heights as they are today. Edited media photos and endless product advertisements can cause serious stress for many girls and young women. How can you make the best choices for yourself and, more importantly, how can you still be yourself despite external pressure?

Author Agnes Kajander is an experienced beauty journalist who shares her experiences honestly, lovingly and sincerely, just like a friend would. Kajander, who was struggling with acne and low self-esteem as a teenager, shares her personal experiences, insecurities, mistakes, fears, understandings and successes – everything you would not usually read from a magazine. The reader can take a peek behind the scenes of the beauty industry and read about the author’s thoughts after trying out tons of cosmetics.

Because people are more than just their physical bodies, Kajander does not only discuss outer beauty, but also shares her experiences and knowledge of numerous topics that affect the person’s well-being, such as exercise, diet, mindset and relationships. This book is not a guide on how to become beautiful. As the title says – girl, you already are beautiful! However, the author wants to encourage readers to acknowledge their inner and outer beauty and to be gentle and value their whole package.

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