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Hello, Independent Life!

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Advice on living independently for young people

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Hello, Independent Life! is a great read for all young people who are starting off their life independently, regardless of whether you are graduating from high school, vocational school, university or have just reached adulthood. Every young person who is excited about the future is racking their brains over what their independent life will be like and how they actually have to make it on their own now. What kind of challenges and choices do I need to face?

The book focuses on topics related to psychology and self-development that could inspire and support a young person in starting off their life. It also discusses topics such as self-discovery, relationships, love, growing into a person, kindness, gratitude, the need for balance, comparing yourself to others, independence, letting go, increasing self-worth, criticism and setting demands and expectations that are too high on yourself. Another important topic of this book is excessive worrying. We have offered advice on how to cope during anxious times.

You can also get advice from specialists of various fields who have shared their experiences and know the challenges and questions young people face.

We hope that the guidance found in this book can help some young people be prepared to face life with less fear and more confidence in life and themselves.

– Tiina Ristimets

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